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Home Sweet Home Christmas Home Sweet Home Christmas Edition game

With so many reality TV shows focusing on house makeovers, it's no wonder that there are people discovering they actually have a knack for design. In Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition, you can try your hand at interior decorating without the hectic, last minute drama. This design simulation game incorporates word and picture puzzles with time management elements to test your client handling know-how. And because this expansion to the popular series makes use of a Christmas theme, you can expect a fun Yuletide-themed twist.

Garden Rescue Christmas Edition Garden Rescue Christmas Edition game

Lead the Green Resistance and protect the Christmas Trees from nasty bugs in the tower defense game Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition. Here, you'll need to familiarize yourself with all the plants in your arsenal to deal with a variety of creepy crawlies. From your average snail to flying insects, shielded pests and even gigantic versions of the bugs, there's no doubt that you'll have your hands full. But if you want to keep the Yuletide spirit alive then get your act together, you'll need to go right into the thick of battle to defend the Christmas trees in the garden with Rainbow Games festive defense game.

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Monkey Go Happy Christmas Time Monkey Go Happy Christmas Time game

With so much good food, presents and holiday cheer going around, Christmas isn't really the time to be miserable is it? Well tell that to the Monkeys. In the point and click puzzle game Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time, your goal is to decorate the Christmas tree and collect enough presents for the unhappy primate family. Are you the one who can make them go happy?

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Infectonator Christmas Edition Infectonator Christmas Edition game

With the undead being all the rage now, who wouldn't enjoy a good zombie game? Combine that with Santa characters and hordes of screaming masses and you've got yourself the next Infectonator. While just as addictive as the original, Toge Productions Infectonator Christmas Edition keeps things simple by ditching multiple locations in favor of linear levels. That being said, anything that can fast track the game's signature zombie chaos is a big plus in our book.

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Gifts Pusher Gifts Pusher game

Christmas wouldn't be called the season of giving if there weren't any presents for good little boys and girls. Gifts Pusher makes use of the Yuletide staple as a focal point for its enjoyable game physics. In this zany puzzle game, your goal is to transport a present from its starting point to a specific spot on the level. How do you do this? By pushing it, of course!

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Christmas Wonderland 4Christmas Wonderland 4 game

Give Bill and Mary their best Yuletide celebration ever in Christmas Wonderland 4. In this hidden object game, you will work your way through the holidays by scouring the maps for missing objects and completing special holiday tasks. By helping people prepare for the festivities, you will get to enjoy a fantastic holiday parade, even travel to Santa's workshop in the North Pole later on. Being the fourth game in the series, is this Christmas Wonderland the best yet?

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