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Gifts Pusher Gifts Pusher game

Christmas wouldn't be called the season of giving if there weren't any presents for good little boys and girls. Gifts Pusher makes use of the Yuletide staple as a focal point for its enjoyable game physics. In this zany puzzle game, your goal is to transport a present from its starting point to a specific spot on the level. How do you do this? By pushing it, of course!

Use Magic Santa Hats in Gifts Pusher

In Gifts Pusher, there are no lengthy storylines to distract you from the physics puzzles. And because the levels are so well done, we don't mind that one bit. With the simplicity of the controls, it is also user-friendly and appropriate for players of all ages. In case you are wondering, no, no one has lost a present; this game is all about the puzzles. As long as you pay attention to the little notes the game displays on the screen, the mechanics will be a cinch to figure out.

Getting Sorted Out

As we've mentioned before, the main order of business is to bring the present from one point to another. When a level starts, all interactive items are locked. You will need to hover your mouse cursor over the blue box in order to make it possible for you to push them. Once they are activated, you can then proceed to finding a solution. The "exit" is actually a square, highlighted by broken lines on the game board. Do note that it acts like a magnet, so there's no need to bring the present to the exact spot. As long as you're close enough, it will count.

Because the stages feature set obstacles and items, there is usually only one solution to every puzzle. However, as some of these require proper timing, you may still need to go through a couple of fumbles before you get to the finish line. We do appreciate the fact that the puzzles are sensible. Once you figure out the proper order of the actions you need to perform, you're good to go for most areas. From start to finish, everything is polished so you don't have to worry about glitches getting in the way of you finishing the game. There are also no frustrating parts with needlessly complicated setups. However, the game mechanics are kind enough to be enjoyed even by those who are new to genre.

Gifts Pusher also earns brownie points for its unique puzzle elements. Every now and then, a level will introduce a new game mechanic to keep things fresh and interesting. So aside from pushing presents with the little blue block that can, you could make use of baseball bats to push it through item-only portals. There are switches which toggle the direction of carts or flash drive platforms. And there are even magic Santa hats which act like portals to transport your present to the opposite end of the stage.

A Spartan Appeal

Although there are no fancy videos or characters to see, the graphics are colorful and well made. The illustrations are shaded in such a way that they are given a 3d look. The fonts are well chosen too, with hints written in cursive handwriting similar to Christmas cards. Although normally there are a number of different elements on the stage all at once, the level layout never gets too cluttered. It is plain to see that a lot of care went into the game's design.

As a music track, we do like the game's background track. It suits the Yuletide theme perfectly without being overly cheery. However as a background tune per se, it's not that great. There's only one track and it doesn't loop at all so you will be hearing it start and stop throughout the whole game. It also does not stop when a level is finished. It would have been better to at least have a separate track for the results screen or at least have a longer, looping track as it gets tiring to listen to the same thing over and over again.

The Verdict: Holiday Physics

So is Gifts Pusher a great holiday treat for physics game fans? Overall, it is a pretty enjoyable game. It's not that fancy, but it is quite user-friendly. From the in-game hints to a clean layout which is easy to navigate, the game is perfect for little ones who are into puzzle titles. As veterans of the genre, we found the puzzles to be simple, but we were definitely entertained until the very end. So if you're looking for a physics puzzle title without needless frills, we say go for Gifts Pusher. This fun christmas gift game isn't terribly long, especially if you're used to playing physics titles. There are 25 levels all in all, which will probably last you about a couple of hours without the help of a walkthrough.

Or you can always opt to play it one level at a time if you plan on counting down to Christmas.

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