Christmas Wonderland 4 Game

It's Bill and Mary's best Christmas ever in Christmas Wonderland 4! Be part of the famous town parade and visit Santa's amazing North Pole workshops. This game is crammed full of gorgeous graphics, hidden surprises, fun puzzles and engrossing mini-games that the whole family can enjoy time and time again. Enjoy!

  • Fabulous Hidden Object scenes and challenges
  • Hundreds of bonus items

Rating: 86%

Visit the North Pole in Christmas Wonderland 4

Christmas Wonderland 4 is made fans of the series, but also manages to provide good fun for new players. If you're a genre veteran, then the hidden object segments are really nothing novel. You are given a list of "presents" consisting of around 12 items. If there is a number beside an object, then that means you'll need to find several instances of that particular item. In most cases, what you see is what you get --headphones refer to headphones and so on. However, there are special presents which are represented by mere silhouettes, requiring you to locate corresponding colored items in the map.

Visual Challenges

Alongside the special objects are nativity figurines. These are pretty tricky to hunt down as they tend to be very small. Thankfully, stages aren't timed. Those who manage to find everything without using any hints will be rewarded with bonus points at the end of the round. On the other hand, if you end up skipping a few then the game will inform you how many you missed. Depending on how you did, you can get one of three ratings (Bronze, Silver or Gold). If your inner perfectionist wants another go at it, you can hit the replay button immediately.

The fun part comes when you are asked to perform special Christmas tasks. They are included in your list but are highlighted in purple and so, are hard to miss. Usually it's pretty easy to figure out what to do but you will need to perform multiple actions. For instance, "switch on the lights" entails picking up a lever and then clicking on a switch on the podium to brighten up the streets.


In between levels, you will be given puzzles to play. There are spot the difference segments, jigsaw puzzles, memory games and such. We found these to be easy and catered more to kids due to the game choices. But at least they offer a much-needed rest period in between the challenging hidden object puzzles. You can also opt to skip them if you just can't wait to tackle the next HOG level.

All That Glimmers

While the graphics are nice, it's not the best that we've seen in a hidden object game. On the contrary, we've got a few issues when it comes to the way the hidden object segments are delivered. The stages tend to be a bit cluttered and a few objects are unreasonably small. This is probably because a number of the illustrations are outdoor scenes. This means that a lot of the items are crammed into the view and are viewed in perspective. There is also an excess of unnecessary objects thrown in just to confuse the player, making Christmas Wonderland 4 frustrating for kids. There are also times when the cut scenes don't look as crisp as we want it to be. But in the end, that may be a matter of preference or tolerance.

On the positive side, the layout is neat and the overall design follows the cheery Yuletide theme. Though still peppy, the music is relaxing to listen to as well. Christmas Wonderland 4 actually has the best soundtrack in the series yet.

The Verdict: Good to Go

So is this the best entry in the series? While it does have a few improvements, it still has many of the original game's flaws. Expect the game to be chock full of presents to look for. The music is a lot better than the ones found in previous iterations too, so you can enjoy this title without pressing the mute button. In case you ever get frustrated looking for the nativity items, you can always go for hints or retry the stage so you'll have a better idea what you're looking for.

Nevertheless, players shouldn't have to circumvent these things. It's nothing game breaking but if you're looking for a game for your little one, you may want to check other Big Fish HOGs (such as those in the Christmas Stories series) which are a lot more polished. You should, however, go for this title if you've played the other Christmas Wonderland games and have found that they're your cup of tea. If you've played your share of hidden object games and are up for a challenge, then check out the demo to see if this game is for you. You can always share the mini games with your kids for double the fun.

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Christmas Wonderland 4

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