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Winter is hibernation time for insects, but not in our garden! It will be hot here again this winter, and beetles are launching a full-scale offensive against the Christmas trees - on Christmas Eve! All garden dwellers are ready for the defense, and it is up to you to get into the thick of the battle and head the "Green Resistance". Earn new bonuses and win trophies as you help the plants stop the beetles from taking revenge for their recent defeat in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition!

Rating: 100%

Defeat Umbrella-toting Snails in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition

At its core, Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition is your typical tower defense game. This means that the mechanics are conventional and are a cinch to pick up if you've previously played a game in the genre. The gist of it is that you need to collect coins from the Christmas Trees you are protecting to fund your leafy troops.

Leaves and Bugs

Enemy bugs will appear in waves and each type has a corresponding weakness. You will need to exploit these to ensure that they do not reach your charges. If you're having trouble utilizing just one plant defender, you can add as many troops of the types you've already unlocked so long as you can still afford them. Keep in mind that their price goes up every purchase so you'll need to factor in how effective each troop will be if you want to survive later waves.

If you don't like being caught by surprise, then keep your eye on the hints at the upper left part of the screen. This shows upcoming enemy types and gives you the chance to prepare in advance. Just remember that while it does give you a heads up on what to expect, you will still need to figure out or remember their weaknesses.

Resources are Important

In case you are in need of money and find that the plants that were useful for Wave 1 are no use in the second wave, you can always use the shovel to sell them. You won't get top dollar for your has-been defenders but they would help cover expensive new ones in a pinch. Remember that once a bug has gotten his hairy legs on a Christmas tree, they will move closer to the exit. If you manage to defeat the baddie anyway, your money tree will end up at the space where the bug was squished. This makes it easier to steal in later waves, giving you more of an incentive to keep on your toes all throughout the level.

Of course, part of the challenge here lies in deploying plants fast enough to keep the bugs out. This is where the game gets intense because the enemies spawn rapidly even for the first few stages. The good news is that there are three difficulty levels to choose from. Private is essentially your easy mode, Sergeant is the way to go if you've already played your share of titles in the genre and General is for those who are used to taking a beating in tower defense games. While the

Smelling the Roses, Minding the Thorns

In a tower defense game, variety is key. Without challenging enemies and powerful troops you'd be tempted to unlock, a game in the genre can lose steam pretty quickly. Rainbow Games did an amazing job filling the world with all sorts of creatures. There are Peas that are excellent at exterminating ground insects, Sundews that specialize in Beetle elimination and Pumpkins that can cause splash damage.

As for the bugs, well there are a plethora of them in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition. And not only that, they also have super powered "Shielded" versions such as the Shielded Weevil which uses tiles to fend off attacks. Then there's the Shielded Caterpillar who uses a small leaf and thinks that it is invincible as well as the Shielded Snail that uses an umbrella. Simple, but it works.

If you've been outsmarted during the first few waves and you're hard-pressed to survive in the last round, then maybe it's time to bring in the big guns. With proper timing, the game's power-ups can turn the tide of any battle no matter how daunting the odds. For instance, the Bomb can throw a whole group of creepy crawlies out of your garden. Activating the Air Strikes power-up pulls any target to pieces while the Freezing bomb turns every beetle within a certain radius to ice.

The Verdict: Green Thumbs Up

So is Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition any better than the original game? Think about it this way --the game has brand new puzzles and new items to tinker around with. It's just as addictive and challenging as the first entry but this one has an added Yuletide theme to boot. Also, the graphics have somewhat improved and the classy, wintry color palette suits the season of giving to a tee. What more can you ask for?

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Garden Rescue Christmas Edition

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