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Christmas spirit has faded away in the town of Good Tidings! Its up to you and your expert team of builders to help them out! Use your New Tools and New Furniture to bring Style and Christmas Cheer to these townspeople! Make your clients happy by solving their riddle based requests and designing their dream room! You can design rooms in an infinite number of ways because YOU pick the furniture, colors, styles, and placement!

Rating: 100%

Our Review: Help the Town of Good Tidings in Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition

With December 25 fast approaching, the town of Good Tidings is in big trouble. It seems the neighborhood Christmas spirit is fading fast and Santa is too busy making toys for good little boys and girls to help out. But, never fear, world-renowned interior decorator Dee Ziner is ready to help. She brings along head builder Bill Dur and the capable trio (Goran, Liz and Brian) to transform boring spaces and bring in a much-needed dash of holiday cheer. As Mary, your job is to take charge of the design and direct the build crew to ensure everything is finished in time.

Home Sweet Home Christmas Edition: Help Santa

Home Design Basics

As you may have guessed, the holiday theme actually means placing some Christmas decorations on top of designing the homes of your picky clients. If you haven't played up any of the Home Sweet Home Games before, there's a lengthy tutorial available at the start of the game. The gist of it is that you will be required to figure out what a client wants from whatever clues they left with Dee. This may be a paragraph describing their perfect room, a poem or even a picture to base your design on. Once you've figured out their style and furniture needs, you can then use your current budget to pick items from a Catalog.

For instance, one client requests for a redesign of her son's place. He's an adventurer and has a collection of souvenirs from his trips abroad. Recently, he has visited a village in Japan and his mother wants him to be able to relax in his new space. With these clues, we can tell that he'll be leaning towards Asian-inspired furniture. He'll need a comfy sofa to rest on as well as a cabinet to keep his trinkets. Figuring out the word riddles is actually the game's most entertaining and unique aspects. Not only does it cater to puzzle game fans, it also gives a fair basis for the level scores.

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You earn points per item you place on the space. The number of items you may purchase are limited and, of course, you are limited by your budget. There is a separate Christmas Cheer Meter represented by a Candy Cane beside the Customer Satisfaction Meter. You must fill both up until they meet the pass line to proceed to the next phase. If you can't seem to make the cut no matter what you do, you csn always press the Hint button for a list of client approved items. That takes away from your final score, but it's better than being totally frustrated.

The Build Phase

The Build Phase is where the time management elements come in. You will be given a limited number of "days" to construct all the furniture you're picked from the Design Phase. You will need to manage the workers, assigning them tasks and giving them Eggnog whenever they get tired in order to pass this half with flying colors. If you're in a hurry, you may opt to assign more than two workers on a project if the furniture is large enough to accommodate them. If you happen to ignore a worker's needs, they may get injured or end up going on a long break if their energy runs out. Sparkling items give a Power Boost to workers and add to your design score and the Carol-oke allows one of your crew members to sing jingles for a Speed Boost to his or her pals.

The Occasional Bumps

While it is quite fun, the game does have a few issues. For starters, the Catalog isn't exactly user-friendly. In order to find the correct piece of furniture, you will usually need to scroll through a plethora of others. It would have been more convenient if there was a way to open up the menu and sort items according to, say, color or function. Also, every little thing needs constructing. This includes DVD players and even potted plants. Workers who are building these trivial things may even end up asking for unrelated tools such as drills, which is just weird. Lastly, the game is pretty wordy --which would have been acceptable if not for the numerous typos and grammatical errors.

The Verdict: Not Quite a Game

Thankfully, the cons aren't game breaking. If you can get past them, you may enjoy the Sims-like Personal Design Space which allows you to use any of your purchased furniture to decorate your very own room. The furniture selection is astounding and the Yuletide soundtrack fits the theme to a tee. We recommend Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition for those who loved previous games in the series as well as older gamers who have an eye for detail.

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Home Sweet Home Christmas Edition

Game available for PC Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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