Infectonator Christmas Edition Game

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'Tis Truly the Season of Giving in Infectonator Christmas Edition

In this festive version of the hit strategy game, your goal in Infectonator Christmas Edition is to ruin Christmas for everyone. Turn them into zombies within 24 days by using virus bombs and grenades. Just like the game, the mouse-based controls are also straightforward. You simply need to left click anywhere on the screen to begin infecting hapless civilians. Anyone who is in range of your virus bomb will instantly be turned into a zombie.

Turning Means Winning

Keep in mind that playing the game and actually beating it are two different things. The strategy element of the game lies in choosing where to begin an infection. Basically, a virus carrier will seek out others to infect, creating undead mayhem in the streets. The life span of a zombie is pretty limited though and some characters, specifically characters in Santa outfits and Special Agents, cannot be infected in just one click. In Infectonator Christmas Edition, every move counts so if you're set on beating the game, pay close attention. Choosing when and where to begin an infection is your key to victory.

While the number of undead increases, so will the coins scattered around the level. Collect them by moving your mouse nearby. Having a chunk of change saved up allows you to purchase a few upgrades to become a more effective Infectonator. There are 5 stat upgrades in all: Lifespan, Speed, Damage Resistance, Attack and Infection Chance. You may increase them by 10 levels each, with the cost for every upgrade becoming progressively higher per point. Now, for maximum virus spreading firepower, you can also opt to purchase any of 5 power-ups. You may increase your virus spread, expand your money collecting radius by a few pixels, allow the virus to penetrate through walls or people and add a bomb to your arsenal. The latter allows you to destroy things in a snap and can be purchased multiple times to get past particularly tricky stages.

The Game Layout

Speaking of stages, each one comes with a level requirement and they get progressively harder the further you are in the game. You start needing only to kill 6 people in the first stage and the number increase to 10 victims, 20 victims and so on. Not only that, but you will need to contend with walled off areas and special characters as well. Don't worry. The upgrade menu automatically opens up in between zombie spreading stages so you can counter the difficulty with efficiency.

When time's up, the game ends. Hopefully you've been able to clear all 20 levels before Christmas. Regardless, the results screen will display your statistics. This includes the amount of money you've managed to collect, the number of people you either killed or infected, the heroes you've eliminated as well as how many cars and towns you've been able to destroy along the way. Completionists will love the myriad of achievements you can get in the game. If you're beating Infectonator Christmas Edition anyway, then you will get these just by progressing through the game. For instance, the Mass Murderer achievements pop up whenever you reach killing milestones while Mad Scientist can be earned by buying all the upgrades.

Christmas Zombie Cheer

The dominantly red and green-colored graphics fit the game's theme nicely. They can use a bit more polish but as it is, the look suits the wild pixel carnage onscreen. Also, the overall layout is easy to navigate with counters conveniently located at the bottom of the screen at all times.

We do appreciate the audio choices for the game. With its chimes, the background music reminds us oddly of Jingle Bells. Again, it's not really high quality stuff. It could use some cleanup but the upbeat theme mixed with frequent wails of terror certainly gets you in a virus-spreading mood. On the other hand, the text could us some major editing as even the instructions will make your inner Grammar Police cry.

The Verdict: Highly Contagious Fun

Play Infectonator Christmas Edition if you're up for some no frills virus spreading action similar to although on a festive slant to that of Pandemic 2. Although those new to the genre may not have an easy time beating all the levels or naturally unlocking achievements, the game remains entertaining. You can play it every day from the start of December to Christmas and still not get tired of it. Those who have played other titles in the Infectonator series may find this bite-sized game more fun and relaxing due to its linear level setup.