Monkey Go Happy Christmas Time Game

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Collect All the Presents in Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time

Right from the start, Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time is already full of holiday cheer. Upon launching the game, the first order of business entails choosing a monkey to play as. You've got six choices, ranging from good ol' grandpa Monkey down to the swaddled, newborn baby of the family. Once you've decided which character you will play as, you will then be asked to choose one of six festive hats. There's a mistletoe topper, deer antlers made of Christmas stocking an even a headband with bells on it. Pick the perfect hat and start things off with a smile.

Moving Along

Your journey begins in The Old Tavern. There, you will find the first present and maybe the first key as well. From there, you can switch locations using the large yellow arrows found throughout the world. In case you're not familiar with the point and click genre, it plays just the way it sounds. You point (or hover) your mouse cursor over objects that seem to pop out and you press the left mouse click to interact with them. In the Monkey GO Happy series in general, these will allow you find the game's required collectibles and give you access to key items.

Key items will be displayed at the top of your screen. You may click and drag these towards interactive spots on a stage to, say, open up new areas. For instance, one of the keys will unlock a cage for you once it is in your hands. That is, if you find your way to the dungeon area first. Because some objects do tend to blend into the background and it is not always easy to figure out the function for an object, you will need to be up for some backtracking.

Made for the Monkey Fans

If you are already familiar with the genre, then it is likely that you will be able the finish Christmas Time with ease. Without even looking at a walkthrough, it can be finished in less than five minutes. That's understandable though, considering the game's target audience. As is the standard for the series, Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time is meant to be played by younger players. That's not to say that adults will not find it enjoyable as well as the game's relaxed pace is a great stress buster.

There are no frustrating puzzles here. For Christmas Time in particular, it is pretty easy to figure out the use for the key items. Anyway, when in doubt, the age old point and click rule applies: click on everything that changes your mouse cursor and use a trial and error approach when solving puzzles that have you stumped.

There are a total of 7 presents to collect in this game. You can keep track of how many you have collected so far by looking at the little Monkeys found at the bottom of your screen. Every time you locate one of the gifts, it will be assigned to one of the tiny primates. Eventually, you will need to light up the tree too but that's not before you solve a visual puzzle, figure out how to use an empty can and find your way to the tower.

Holiday-Themed Familiarity

Aside from a change in scenery, there's nothing new to see, graphics-wise. So if you love the visuals found in the old Monkey GO Happy games, then you'll also like how the look in Christmas Time. If you're not familiar, then expect cartoony illustrations with looping animation and bright colors. We're not really fans of how the Monkeys are illustrated, we think they look distorted (even by cartoon standards) but that's a matter of taste. We do like the lighting used in the backgrounds and the ambient music sets a nice relaxed tone for the adventure. The sound effects are limited, but are effective in highlighting interactive objects. They play when doors are opened, presents are picked up and when a key items are used.

The Verdict: A Lot Like Yuletide Bananas

Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time isn't the best point and click title for people who have grown up with games in the genre. However, considering the time it takes to finish and its bright visuals, we can say that it is a great game to refer to your little one. As a bonus for the conscientious parent, there are no violent scenes in the game and you don't have to worry about frustrating your kids to the point of tears.

All in all, we give Monkey GO Happy Christmas Time a thumbs-up as a kid-friendly point and click title for the holidays.